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The Ombudsman Association of South Africa (TOASA) provides a platform for ombudsman type offices to share their experience, offer assistance and information to entities wishing to establish ombudsman offices and promote and explain the ombudsman concept to the public.

Our members operate in government and municipal spheres as well as a range of financial and other business sectors. They should be statutory bodies or not-for-profit associations or companies; approved or recognised by statute; and answerable to Parliament or Councils or Boards.

Their funding may be by way of allocation by Parliament, industry levies raised by statutory authorities or compulsory contributions in terms of the governing Constitutions or Memoranda of Incorporation that govern the respective ombudsman offices. All of the ombudsman offices are structured in such a way that those firms or entities that fund them have no say in how individual complaints or disputes are handled.

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Legal StatusObjectsCommittee Members

The Ombudsman Association of South Africa is a voluntary association not for gain.

The Association is a body corporate with its own legal identity which is separate from its individual members. The Association shall continue to exist even if the members change. The Association may own property, enter into contracts, and sue or be sued in its own name.

The Association is an independent, non-profit organisation established with the following objectives:

(a) To promote the concept and institution of the Ombudsman and to encourage its development throughout the Republic of South Africa.

(b) To act as a formal body representing and promoting the interests of Ombudsmen.

(c) To promote access to justice or redress for all.

(d) To develop and operate programmes enabling an exchange of information and experience between Ombudsmen throughout South Africa and to encourage the professional development of members.

(e) To develop standards of practice and ethics and to promote the adoption of and adherence to the standards of practice and ethics by members.

(f) To formulate guidelines for the qualifications necessary for appointment to the position of ombudsman.

(g) To support the autonomy and independence of members and encourage mutual understanding and assistance by and between members.

(h) To develop and operate educational programmes for Ombudsmen, the staff and other interested people.

(i) To promote an awareness of the existence of the respective ombudsman offices and to create an understanding of the function of an ombudsman.

(j) To promote the practice and use of alternative dispute resolution.

(k) To collaborate with other organisations which work in related or similar fields where this would not compromise the Association’s purposes or autonomy.

(l) To facilitate or organise Ombudsmen’s meetings and conferences.

(m) To undertake such other matters as are necessary to further the objectives of the Association.

Chairperson: Nicky Lala Mohan – Ombudsman – Credit Ombud

Treasurer: Johan Van Vreden – Ombudsman – Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa

Secretary: Reana Steyn, Deputy Ombudsman, Credit Ombud

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